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Chapter 6 is rather extreme, as Reggie gets his comeuppance. The full detail of what happens to Reggie is on the Barnes & Noble version, a more summarized version is available on Amazon.  

Daddy Knows Best Series

While a series, each story is standalone and does not require reading the earlier books. 

Book 1

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Jason can't rely on anyone. Not his parents who use him as a punching bag. Not his neighbors, druggies and whores scratching out their own living. And friends? What are those?

Avoiding yet another eviction, Jason does the one thing he hoped to never do: sell himself. Jason's not gay, but it's just sex, right? He's sold his brains before, his body is just another commodity. One of the few he has. But he won't approach just anyone. Following up on a rumor, Jason finds Otto Riley, one of the city's biggest business men.

Otto has more than a few secrets of his own but he's careful and quiet. So when Jason knocks on his door, he doesn't think much of the risk. He's quickly drawn in by Jason's innocence and he makes sure Jason keeps coming back to him for more.

The more Otto learns about Jason, the less he wants to just sleep with him, Otto wants to take care of him, and make Jason his boy.

This is a novella of roughly 59000 words 

Book 2 

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Jason's moved in with Otto, his Daddy. But the rags to riches story hasn't gone as smooth as the fairy tales would suggest.

Jason works hard to keep the real relationship he has with Otto a secret. But someone knows that secret, and Jason has to do everything he can to keep them quiet.

The person he's most desperate to keep this secret from is Emily Vines. Emily, the only girl to ever show any interest in Jason. She's also the school's most popular girl with an admirers list a mile long. Jason amongst them.

But can Jason see her? Would he lose Otto?

This is a novella of roughly 64000 words. 

Book 3 

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Jason's gotten more comfortable living with Otto, and after seeing Otto's corner office, he's starting to shake off his dependency. Jason's finally understanding that Otto wants more of him than to just be an available houseboy.

After getting a taste of Otto's power, Jason wants more. And the best place for Jason to get it, in Otto's opinion, is the upcoming orgy.

But this isn't the only way Jason is becoming more like his Daddy. Jason's taking the plunge and pursuing Emily. Living these two lives, Jason has to learn how to juggle two completely different worlds.

Worlds that come even closer when the last person Jason expects to see is a lowly service boy at the orgy.

This is roughly 74000 words

Book 4 Out Now!

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Chapter 6 is rather extreme, as Reggie gets his comeuppance. Amazon's version of chapter 6 is more of a summary, while the Barnes & Noble has full detail. As an extra at the end, B&N has the truncated version as well.

It's out of Jason's hands now. Reggie, that fool who never thinks, took those pictures of Lance and Jason just like Jason had asked. Except he never gave them to Jason and now he's trying to sell them to Otto. Already fed up with Reggie, Otto isn't going to put up with any threats to Jason. It was Jason who started this and while Otto is the one to make arrangements, he's decided it's going to be Jason who ends this.

Jason's started to enjoy the perks of being Otto's boy, getting as much attention and as many sluts as he wants. One of those sluts being Greg, the very boy Otto discarded so easily. Greg has problems of his own though and needs Jason's support to keep his room in Otto's brothel.
Jason has to decide, does he want to do this? Entwine himself in house politics, take care of Reggie? Nothing will ever be the same if he goes through with it. No longer could he just be a passive reveler in Otto's illegal underground world, but a thriving full fledged member. On the other hand, he can leave them behind, simply go to school and at home enjoy his new houseboy, Devon.

This is a novella of approximately 80,000 words. Reading previous stories is helpful, but not necessary to enjoy this story. 

Introducing the subseries:
A Daddy Knows Best Story

These are shorter, more focused one off stories that are companions to the main story line.

Working Boy

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If Mike has to put out, he wants more than just a sore ass! 

 Now that he really knows why he was going to those monthly orgies, everything has changed.

He's taken an apartment from Otto and a slew of clients of his own.

Of course, unlike Jason, being gay for pay isn't quite sitting right with him. It's not a problem though, since the men Otto found for him are perfect, craving the verbal abuse and humiliation that Mike heaps onto them.

Boys at Play

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Otto's gone on a business trip for a few days, but he doesn't want his Baby being home all alone. He has Mike stay over to keep Jason company.

Of course, these two still have a rocky relationship at best, thrown together from circumstance.

Otto's really not too sure if they'll hash things out or kill each other, but he's had to clean up after more than a few messes. It's what Daddy's do after all.

Coming Soon!

Hetero Stories

Light FemDom, CFNM

Quiet, mousy, collegiate Anna has been babysitting for Daryl ever since his wife got sick. Anna didn't mean to fall for him, honestly she didn't. Feeling awful about it she never even hints to Daryl how she feels. A year later and she's still babysitting. Each day Daryl is becoming lonelier and lonelier, and still clueless about Anna. But his son Noah is starting to catch on.

It's Noah who suggests that Anna borrow his dad's laptop when she forgets hers and has a paper to write. What she finds blows her mind. Picture after picture of nude men posturing and kowtowing before authoritative and put together women.

Anna looks nothing like the women in these photos, but can she become what Daryl's looking for?


Working Title - MaleDom BDSM

Harper's fiance is proposing. In that instant, she knows she can't be with him a moment longer. He's too nice, too sweet. She's not ready for the white picket fence just yet.

Years down the drain.

Starting over, Harper decides to have the fun she's denied herself all this time and meets a dom online.

But Kline isn't about to give up on Harper. When he opens a package Harper accidentally sends to their old address, he finally has a clue about how to win her back. And maybe Harper isn't the only one tapping into something hidden inside.


What starts as a one night stand turns into something much, much more. Eric has a healthy libido, confident in himself, and maybe he's used his tie as an impromptu bedroom prop every now again. But that's about as far as his kinky side has gone.

So when the fiery and petite Maxine Sloan demands something from him that he didn't even know he could offer, he can't help but be curious.

He wonders if he's being emasculated or just exploring. A thought that isn't clarified when he meets Maxine's friends, Viktor an alpha male dom and his flirty submissive Irene. 

As he struggles to defend his relationship to his friends, Eric wonders if its finally time to just walk away...or give in.