Well, come in then...

Sitting across from you is a petite dark haired Filipina woman. Though you don't know she's Filipina at first look, not until she clarifies for you. So you think at first maybe Spanish, possibly Mediterranean. Maybe even South American. But Filipina she says and it all clicks, an island country, the small nose, the narrow eyes that aren't quite almond shaped. She has rosy cheeks, her face becoming round when she smiles. Her brown eyes can glow golden in the soft light. Her skin is lightly tanned, and her rich black hair is thick. It's not until she pulls it back that you even realize the sides of her head are buzzed down so close you can almost see her scalp. 

As the conversation goes on, you manage to pull from her that she's a staunch New England girl. No, not just New England, a Boston girl. While receiving her English Writing BA down the street from Fenway Park she never actually saw the Red Sox while living there.

Maybe you've picked up that she's nervous and excited about the next part of her life. Using a layoff and the severance as the perfect excuse to start her own thing.